Inbetween Tangerine was born out of a love to provide customers with quality, high-end,bohemian-chic pieces that are still affordable. With a desire to create at heart, Skye travelled extensively to Europe, United Kingdom, South America, Africa and Asia to source jewellery and accessories that simply can’t be found in Australia.

While it started off solely online, the reception that Inbetween Tangerine continues to receive has enabled the company to expand and open our first store in Bondi Beach.

Previously a fashion designer, Skye understands the importance of design and attention to detail in clothing, placing a strong emphasis on quality, tailoring and eclectic use of materials.

In collaborating with communities overseas such as Mexico, Peru and Thailand to create unique one-off accessories, Skye hopes to bring the passion back into retail again.

Not only do our customers receive beautifully crafted wallets and handbags, but we also support the local communities so they can continue to carry on their craft. It’s about making the consumer number one again, every time.